"Cary Medical Center has built its reputation around a culture of compassion together with a commitment to quality and patient safety. Dr. Maggie Palmer has been a true partner with us in this effort over nearly a quarter century. She has helped to bridge the generational divides our workplace has matured and new staff is engaged. Her unique style, intellect and spiritual wisdom are part of our organizational fabric."

Kris Doody, CEO

Cary Medical Center

Caribou, ME


"Dr. Margaret Palmer has been a great partner to our medical staff members requiring her services. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and an outstanding therapist. Her services have enhanced our medical community using a variety of interventions and strategies. I would highly recommend her to any health care system."

Steve Diaz, M.D., FACEP

Chief Medical Officier

Maine General Medical Center


"The first mailing I received from Dr. Palmer was in early 2000. It was a letter from her about her services. I filed away the letter, with the thought it might be useful one day. I was then only a practicing physician and not a physician administrator. The reason kept the letter was because I thought the services mentioned were useful and unique.

As years passed, the issues surrounding the practice of medicine and the interactions of professionals have grown more complex. When I seek advice from Dr. Palmer about a matter, she always has been able to add value with her input. She bases her opinion on her personel assessment and not a hunch or judgement reached by the person asking her opinion. When colleagues have sought her help, there have been favorable and measurable outcomes. I also find the perspective that Dr. Palmer has is focused on creating a resolution that is beneficial to all. When an intervention is concluded it marks the beginning of a new relationship between Dr. Palmer and her client. I feel fortunate that I have a resource like Dr. Palmer available to me."

Mukesh Barghava, M.D.

Chief Medical Officier

formally Goodall Hospital

"Our executive team has worked with Dr. Palmer since we organized to open Spring Harbor Hospital in 1998. Her insightful advice and professional guidance continues to bring us to new levels of collaboration and awareness."

Dennis P. King, CEO

Maine Medical Health Partners

Spring Harbor Hospital


"Excellence in behavioral health care is the product of teamwork. Our patients benefit when there is clear communication between the physicians and the psychologists. One of the defining features of working with Dr. Palmer is her extraordinary teamwork. She works with her patients to identify their needs and assembles a team of professionals who work with her to assess and treat her patients.

This approach is especially important when working with health care professionals, M.D.'s, D.O.'s, L.I.P.'s, and D.M.V.'s. When these highly skilled individuals present with mental illness, substance use disorders, and behavioral dysregulation, they also present with special challenges for treatment. Dr. Palmer has experience, insight, and a unique perspective in working with this specific population. Her skills increase the likelihood that these patients can receive successful intervention and treatment."

William Allen Schaffer, M.D.

Chief of Psychiatry, Community Health &

Counseling Services


"As a Chief Medical Officer at a community hospital, I have had occasion to deal with vexing problems with individuals and groups of medical staff members. I have called on Dr. Palmer for assistance in dealing with these matters over the last ten years. Whether it is individual counseling or mediating differences between groups, her objective view and experience has helped move these issues to a successful resolution."

Michael E. Palumbo, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Inland Hospital