Rx for Healthcare Executives & Physician Leaders


Assessment & Mediation for Troubled Medical Practices

An analytical review of the medical practice relationships, practice governance, strategic plan and work distribution. Mediation with medical practice partners to eliminate the liabilities creating ineffective practice.

Informed Recruitment

A DocExecutive service that complements your executive and/or physician recruitment process by providing an in-depth, true, and practical insight into a candidate’s potential fit for your practice/medical staff/hospital through extensive assessment.

After an organizational assessment of the practice or hospital conducting the search, DocExecutive consultants spend part of the site visit with the candidate. Our staff interview the candidate and then administer a battery of tests that examine the individual’s   stress, burnout, and anger levels as well as the person’s emotional intelligence.  This information is fed back to the hospital or practice for consideration in the hiring process.

Conflict Resolution

Providing sensitive intervention with respect for both parties in conflict, DocExecutive identifies the interests shared between the parties and with the organization, defining the common ground on which conflict is then resolved. Redirection of the energies of the executives/leaders involves providing the skills to avoid the continued projection of personal opinions.

Medical Practice Assessment

An analysis of a medical practice identifying situations that may be placing undue stress on physicians and dissatisfying patients. Focus on all aspects of the practice will be studied from front office operations, with special attention to scheduling , to technology supporting the practice. Recommendations for improvement follow the assessment.

Organizational Assessment

A professional analysis of an organizational system, resulting in the identification of problem areas and potential breakdowns. Recommendations for correction follow the whole or partial assessment of the organizational culture and systems.

Leadership Development

Identifying a leader’s current skills and personality traits provides the basis for developing a personalized program that helps leaders evolve. Focusing on natural strengths, leadership development promotes the use of skills characteristic of progressive leadership.

Executive Coaching

An exclusive and collaborative partnership between an executive and a coach, designed to facilitate both the executive’s and the organization’s awareness, growth and development. A coaching partnership results in specific and personalized goals aligned with timelines and measures of success.

Professional Relationship Building

For those executive/medical teams that have stopped functioning well and productively, DocExecutive can help the team or individuals new new pathways and styles of relating and subsequent communications that replace resentments, frustrations, and misunderstandings with effective work relationships.