Margaret Palmer, Ph.D. practices organizational psychology with expertise in the assessment of organizational systems and relationships, the development and facilitation of reconstructive interventions, and the implementation of healthy work practices.

Dr. Palmer is the president of Healthcare Management Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in issues of impairment to growth impacting healthcare systems, agencies, associations, medical staffs, and medical practices. Dr. Palmer is also the president of DocExecutive, support and development services for physicians, physician practices, physician and healthcare executives. Maggie has spent the last 20+ years deeply involved with counseling, coaching, and providing healthy organizational and behavioral alternatives for healthcare providers.

Dr. Palmer holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. She practices with special emphases on leadership/management development, conflict resolution, group facilitation, physician-hospital integration. Stress related behaviors, including physician burnout and disruptive behavior have become issues receiving widespread attention. Additionally, interpersonal relationships, defining and developing leadership and management styles, and creating models of leadership are, generally, areas to which Dr. Palmer’s work is focused.