Breaking Through Physician Stress & Burnout

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Physicians know isolation as they have been trained to work autonomously and independently. Feeling or showing vulnerability is quickly dismissed in medical training as weak and this continues to be one of the major reasons that physicians suppress their anxiety and dark feelings. The conflict created when physicians have to appear to be totally in control despite knowing that they are not is part of the mask they learn to wear in the world. Medical training successfully accomplishes the depersonalization of the individual physician in order to allow each to work well beyond normal ranges of mental and physical limits. In that process, a physician's ability to assess her/himself for well-being is minimized, allowing doctors to believe that they should be fully able to move beyond stress and not allow it to intrude.

We believe that physicians deserve their own well-being and must fight to attain it. This CME is intended to support physicians who agree that it is time to regain a sense of balance and joy in their lives. The goal of this training is to reintroduce participants to their own needs through a safe and confidential process that allows them to explore where they have been and define where they would like to go.

This training was created as an outgrowth of DocExecutive's ongoing commitment to physician well-being. Breaking Though Physician Stress & Burnout is a product of years of experience counseling physicians coupled with the evidence regarding current ill health among many members of the profession. The time has arrived to confront the distress felt by so many thousands of physicians and to provide evidence based, sustainable remedies to reduce and potentially eliminate physician distress.

This course is specially designed to create an environment of safety, comfort, and confidentiality where physicians experiencing distress and/or burnout can learn with their peers about the symptoms and consequences of this problem. In small groups, physicians are given the opportunity to tell their story and confide their fears and experiences with other physicians in the group, guided by trained and experienced CME staff. The number of participants is limited to 10 in order to keep the group small and intimate.

We recognize that confronting the roots of stress and burnout will not be easy for many in this profession. However, the program is offered in a relaxed and comfortable environment in a rural setting. The training format will incorporate a variety of methods including presentations, small group activities as well as ample opportunities for discussion.

Our training will serve as a retreat from the normal stress of everyday life. Accommodations and training itself take place in a restored farmhouse on an active farm in Maine. The days will be filled with chances for self-exploration and guided relaxation as participants reconnect with themselves and their reasons for choosing to be a physician. Delicious meals will be served, consisting of native Maine foods and beverages, culminating with a genuine Maine lobster bake.

Please consider joining us and find ways to renew yourself!


Any physician who feels stress related to his/her work and life should participate. Physicians are a unique subset of our population due largely to the role medical training plays in isolating physicians from themselves. A steady diet of objective detachment from the personal, and a strong redirection to all things objective, measurable, and quantifiable is the normative exposure for all physicians. Physician Stress begins with symptoms of general uneasiness that may be hard to pinpoint, but that rests in the psyche. It is there when we wake and continues to haunt the thoughts we have during the day. Unhealthy stress grows incrementally, almost going unnoticed, until it gains a strong foothold in everyday living. Early stress manifests as a general grumpiness, perseveration, and feelings of imbalance. Untreated, stress deepens, pressuring the individual to grow angry, become easily dissatisfied, and unable to reason clearly. Colleagues may begin to notice that a physician's behavior has become concerning, or worse, disruptive. Staff and patients also notice the irritable interactions, the short feelings, often does not realize the extent to which the stress has altered his/her life ant the relationships in it.


• To provide the symptoms and warning signs of stress & burnout.

• To enhance awareness of the power of distress among physicians.

• To increase self awareness of one's health.

• To offer sound and sustainable methods for reducing stress so as to reduce and, subsequently, eliminate burnout.

• To follow each of the course participants for 5 years, post course, for levels of change in burnout and job satisfaction.



At the end of the course, each participant should be able to:

1. recognize personal symptoms of distress.

2. assess his/her own emotional well being.

3. identify specific strategies for reducing levels of distress.

4. avoid behavior patterns that have previously led to distress.



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DocExecutive is accredited by the Accreditation Council for the CME to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. Maine Medical Educational Trust designates this educational activity for a maximum of 47 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for the completion of the course, homework and all follow-up sessions.


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