Breaking Through Physician Stress and Burnout


What are the benefits of our program?

We understand that physicians need to carefully consider their needs in planning professional development activities. In completing a workshop or training, professionals want to feel as if the experience has positively impacted them both in the short and long term. Below are some of the benefits that we believe participants will experience by attending our retreat:

Short Term Benefits

1. Examine strength of identity as a physician and a source of stress

2. Highlight skills to deal with symptoms of stress

3. Determine how to achieve greater life balance

4. Develop connections with other physicians from around the country in a small cadre of support

5. Reconnect with reasons that you became a physician

6. Consider alternative ways to practice medicine

7. Enjoy wonderful food and relaxing accommodations

8. Vacationing in Maine before/after retreat!


Long Term Benefits

1. Up to 47 PRA CMEs earned by participation

2. Chance to follow up at 1, 3 and 6 month intervals after retreat with facilitators and your cadre of support

3. Increase potential of greater satisfaction in the practice of medicine

4. Opportunity to achieve greater life balance

5. Become empowered to reduce impact of stress and burnout


Choosing the Right Program for You

Physician burnout impacts individuals differently and with varied levels of severity. There are many programs available to assist doctors who are experiencing symptoms of professional burnout. These programs target burnout in a variety of ways to meet the needs of subgroups of doctors. Our goal is to help you determine if our program is the best fit for you or if another might be more appropriate. Please feel free to call or email us if you need help in considering what might work best for you.


How is our program different from a Distressed Physician Program?

There are programs across the country that target “distressed physicians.” These programs seek to assist doctors whose practice of medicine has been significantly compromised by stress and burnout. Often participants in these programs are mandated to attend. They are referred by their employer due to disciplinary issues or by a Physician Health Program due to problematic symptoms of addiction or a mental health disorder. These programs:

-target physicians who have run into significant disciplinary issues

-are often mandated for participants to attend

-are symptom-oriented

-seek to eliminate problematic behaviors to comply with a disciplinary action plan


Breaking Through Physician Stress and Burnout

Our program is designed to target physicians who have begun to recognize the impact of burnout. We seek to assist participants with preventing more serious consequences of stress in the practice of medicine before it results in a formal disciplinary process, an addiction, or symptoms of a mental health disorder. Our program:

-targets physicians who are experiencing increased stress in the practice of medicine

-seeks to proactively prevent further exacerbation of stress

-is career and personal-life oriented

-strives to reduce stress and increase effective coping


How different from other Physician Burnout seminars/trainings?

Fortunately, physician burnout is finally being recognized as a critical issue and is taking center stage at meetings of many medical societies. Some doctors may get their needs met by attending a presentation at a professional meeting. Others may seek out a one-day large group seminar that gives a general overview of burnout and strategies to prevent it. Either of these options may work best for some physicians.

Our program is more personally tailored to the needs of individuals. We believe that many physicians can benefit from a greater understanding of themselves and of what is most impacting the practice of medicine for them. Most notably, our participants value the creation of a cadre of support where they can confidentially explore the impact of burnout with others in the profession. The unique elements of our program are as follows:

-small group (no more than 10 attendees at once)

-personalized exploration of stress and burnout material as it applies to each individual

-personalized feedback about results of evidence-based measures of personality and emotional intelligence

-personalized development of plan to reduce physician burnout

-long term follow up with cadre of support and facilitators