Breaking Through Physician Stress & Burnout

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In the last decade, physician stress, and ultimately burnout, have accelerated at an alarming pace. Physicians who feel lost in the morass of medical practice have become all too common, exacerbated by the increased administrative responsibilities, EMRs, overwhelming work schedules, and a sense of physician devaluation. Bringing balance to one's life is viewed as "extracurricular". Physician burnout is a specific stress reaction resulting from the burdensome relationship that many physicians experience with their work resulting in emotional exhaustion, depersonalization of one's work, and a declining level of self-esteem.

This CME can be brought to you with 10 or more participants. Cost for the CME is $395./person.

MMET designates this educational activity for a maximum of 12 category I credits.

Maine Medical Educational Trust and DocExecutive offer a 1 day CME, "Breaking Through Physician Stress & Burnout”, to directly address the effects of these issues. The workshop is designed to provide a relaxing, stress free environment in which physician stress & burnout can be explored. After reviewing the latest research for improving mental health and replacing emotionally imbalanced behaviors with healthy alternatives, the participants will develop personal action plans to address and minimize their personal stressors.

Experts in the field of stress reduction and mental health will lead the program, which has been crafted by a distinguished collection of physicians. Objectives for the program are to:

create an active, sustainable mental health well being plan

recognize symptoms of stress & burnout

understand skills that can be used to reduce stress & burnout

identify resources for support

strategize an ongoing plan for intervening with symptoms